A few items for sale at Graceland that we totally want

There is a rad Graceland auction happening and there is some amazing Elvis stuff for sale.

Let me start by saying I LOVE Graceland. A lot of my family lives in Nashville so I spent many summers growing up driving to Nashville and sweating even more than normal and traveling around Tennessee. One year we all piled into a station wagon and drove down to Graceland — praise to Elvis.

Here’s a picture of some of us there (I’m the one rocking a ponytail AND headband, my mom’s in the fanny pack, my grandmother is wearing that sweet hat and my little brother is the brown-haired cherub in front of me — the other adults are an aunt and uncle and the other kids are my cousins, lest you fear I’m not related to everyone in this photo). And yes, we’re at Graceland:

Even as a child, or maybe especially as a child, I loved EVERYTHING about Graceland. It was crazy to look at and ornate and downright coordinated (notice how my headband perfectly matches my shorts). A favorite album of mine — or perhaps my FAVORITE album — is Paul Simon’s Graceland. So what I’m trying to say is, this Graceland auction is the stuff MY dreams are made of. I’ve sifted through all of the Graceland items on sale so you don’t HAVE to, but please peruse as well because everything is amazing.

First of all who doesn’t need this “nearly life-sized” standee of Elvis???

The next thing I want you to see is this sweet Elvis outfit I put together with items from the auction:

First grab your Elvis clutch:

Put on your Elvis sneakers:

And Elvis skirt:

And don’t forget your Elvis tee!

I mean, how much do I want to have this full outfit on my body right this second? A WHOLE LOT, is the correct answer.

But don’t worry the auction also has lots of autographed Elvis stuff and paperwork galore and, of course, knick knacks!

Like this tiki cup from Blue Hawaii!

But, my absolute favorite is the sewing kit Elvis was issued when he was in the Army.

There is TONS more stuff to buy, so gel your hair, curl that lip, and scope it out.

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(All auction images via the Graceland auction and Facebook)