Grace VanderWaal made a major point about self-love with her before-and-after makeup selfies

Being 13 years old is really hard. Which is why we’re over here throwing praise hand emojis in any way we can to 13-year-old Grace VanderWaal’s before-and-after  makeup selfie, in which she makes a major point about self-love. TBH, we really wish we could send this to teen girls everywhere (and to our own awkward 13-year-old selves).

Because even though we KNOW we should love ourselves, it can be hard sometimes.

With all the mixed messages coming at us from magazines, television, and social media, it can seem impossible to avoid self-criticism and body shame. It takes a lot of time and practice to maintain a healthy, body-positive perspective. And VanderWaal is on her way. The singer posted two pictures of herself — one without makeup and another with.

She wrote that she loved herself in both images (scroll right to see the second).

She accompanied the photo with the following message,

"I cringe a little whenever I post a photo of me with darker eyeliner or something different and I see comments saying 'I love you without the makeup!' Because no one on the internet has actually seen me without a stitch of makeup on. What they mean is 'I love you with your natural makeup on!'"

VanderWaal raises an important point — we almost always see celebs with makeup, even when it’s “natural makeup.” This is a pretty epic thing to recognize in an age of curated Insta feeds and pressure to be “perfect” on social media. And we’re applauding Grace SO HARD right now.

Her caption says it best with, “Love yourself. It’s a hard thing to do, but know that all those girls you wish you looked like, probably look just like you…”

Never change, Grace.