Grace VanderWaal blows the judges (and us!) away with another original song on “America’s Got Talent”

Grace VanderWaal is the small, 12-year-old, adorable vocal powerhouse who has taken America’s Got Talent by storm this season. She already wowed them with her original song, which she sings with the incredible feeling and voice of a much more experienced indie songstress.

Last night, Grace VanderWaal blew us away again with her new original song “Beautiful Thing.”

Grace is amazing, because she plays only a simple ukulele, and her beautiful voice takes care of the rest. And with a full stage production — smoke, lighting and that dreamy tree behind her — Grace truly feels like the future pop star we think she could be. In fact, Howie Mandel predicted that she will be “bigger than Taylor Swift,” as he was evaluating her after her performance. This is the Quarter Finals of this season of America’s Got Talent, and the other performers will have to do a lot to beat out Grace.

Now, all Grace needs to do is learn some of Tay-Tay’s sick dance moves. 

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