We’re deep-diving into Grace Helbig’s rad new superhero series

Most people who are familiar with Grace Helbig know her from where she got her start: on YouTube, where she frequently posted videos to her channel from the comfort of her home. Her popularity skyrocketed, and now, she’s not only getting ready to launch her own comedy show on E! called The Grace Helbig Show (which drops on April 3), but she’s also going to be starring in a reboot television series!

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl was originally a science-fiction children’s TV show in the 1970s, airing as part of The Krofft Supershow. The entire show, only 16 episodes consisting of about 12 minutes each, was tragically dropped before it ever made it to a second season, but that’s probably because it was way before its time. It frequently parodied such famous dynamic duos as Batman and Robin, but what made it the best was that the crime-fighting duo consisted of a female caped crusader and her teen girl sidekick.

But now, the crime fighters are getting a much-anticipated comeback (along with a desperate update on the spandex outfits)! Grace, along with fellow internet personality Hannah Hart (who you should definitely know from her hilarious My Drunk Kitchen channel on YouTube), will be bringing the characters back into our homes. The show will be a webseries, courtesy of Legendary, and there’s some pretty great teaser photos that have already been leaked of the ladies in costume. Take a look and prepare to get as excited about this as we are.

We couldn’t be more excited — although, on the other hand, we’re not the ones who have to wear the spandex bodysuits. (We feel your pain, ladies.)

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