Grace Helbig analyzed the fashion of presidential candidates

In YouTube star Grace Helbig’s newest book, Grace & Style, she parodies traditional beauty and fashion books while still managing to give readers some pretty good advice. James Corden decided to test out her fashion knowledge on some very unlikely victims: the presidential candidates.

While there’s so much to say about each candidates’ politics and practices, the one thing we don’t often hear about is their fashion. Luckily, Grace Helbig is here to analyze, and she pretty much nails it.

For instance, Bernie Sanders is always rocking that disheveled look, which is a big trend in fashion right now. Hillary Clinting, who may or may not be covering up a full body tattoo, is a big fan of turtlenecks, Donald Trump gets his inspiration from orange marble tiles, and Ted Cruz is really pulling off the “disappointed dad” look that is back in vogue.

Of course, fashion isn’t what matters when it comes to the presidential race, but analyzing that fashion sure makes it a whole lot more entertaining.

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