Grabbin’ Apps: Distract Yourself Through February

February can be such a bummer month. Psychologically, you’re soooo ready to put away anything resembling a parka, but deep down, you know it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. Meanwhile, you’re out there on your own, slopping around in the slush with no twinkling Christmas lights or socially-mandated binge eating to keep you from the harsh realities of winter. Sorry to be such a drag, but it’s true! Fortunately, everything you need to survive the February chill is inside your phone (minus the sweatpants – those aren’t mandatory but highly recommended). Whereas January was all about getting organized, this month, I want you to take my gloved hand as I show you how to stay sane and distract yourself through this mercifully short month with some games, astrology and romance.

1.) Valentine Cam – Free

Didn’t think I would talk about February apps and skip over Valentine’s Day, did you? Single or attached, this fun and kind of cheesy app lets you bedazzle your photos with an insane amount of pink hearts and red roses and strangely uneaten boxes of chocolate. If you’re going to indulge in the holiday, why not go nuts, I say. Celebrate all kinds of love with this cam, don’t limit yourself. Have an amazing photo of you and your cat that you’re dying to share? Put a heart on it! Just ordered the most incredible dessert and want to celebrate your love for it? Give that cake a photo rose. Go on.

2.) Bejeweled Blitz – Free

My name is Amil, and I’m addicted to Bejeweled Blitz. Like, I can’t even really tell you how much I play because we just met and it’s kind of embarrassing. But try this game for yourself and then get back to me in the comments because I am dying to talk to someone about whether the Phoenix prism is all-that or if the Cat’s Eye is basically as good if you use it right. Plus, if you’re like me Angry Birds is just too stressful and the calming gems of BB are like a lullaby for your eyes.

3.) Pocketbooth – 99 cents

Do you sometimes forget that your camera is a phone? It’s okay, this is a safe space to share! If you love taking pictures and you love old-timey photo booths this app was literally designed just for you. Is it addictive? Yes. Is it adorable? Double yes. Replicate the fun of jumping into a booth at the mall with your BFF wherever you are, and for even more IRL fun you can get prints of your photos from the company.

4.) Scramble with Friends – Free

This one is an un-guilty pleasure because frankly you’re tapping into the English lexicon in a way you probably don’t do very often in your day-to-day. It’s educational and yet still thrillingly competitive and a world-class level time waster. It’s the stuff of cozy winter night legend. Play against your friends, play against strangers, find a love connection based on your mutual knowledge of two-letter words – honestly what CAN’T this app do?

5.) Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Daily Horoscope – Free

Real talk? I love astrology. But you probably already knew that because I’m a Scorpio. So obvious, right? Now, astrology is not for everyone and take it with as many grains of salt as you feel comfortable with, but if you are into a different kind of star gazing, Susan Miller is the queen of the skies. A celeb-fave, Miller’s app includes an exhaustive first of the month outlook as well as daily ‘scopes.

Now you know what my February looks like, so tell me how you kill time on this frozen subway commutes!

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