The GQ comedy issue has some amazing intentional Photoshop fails, so let’s count them all

Photoshop fails: They happen to the best of us. Even professional photographers sometimes go a little overboard with editing software, as we’ve seen on movie posters, in ads, and sometimes, even magazine covers. But the 2018 GQ comedy issue cover has taken bad Photoshop edits to the next level, and the results are hilarious.

The magazine revealed the cover for its annual homage to comedy today, May 17th. The issue, which will be released next week, spotlights Sarah Silverman, Issa Rae, and Kate McKinnon. While at first glance the cover stars appear to be reclining in gorgeous evening wear, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that their poses defy the constraints of reality.

It didn’t take long after the cover’s unveiling for the editors of GQ toissue a tongue-in-cheek apology, expressing “regret that the results violated GQ’s rigorous standards of editorial excellence and the laws of nature.” The apology stated that the “errors” would be investigated via an internal audit.

“To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we will release the results of the review, quietly, in 17 months, on Medium,” the announcement read.

The longer you look at the cover, the more mistakes seem to jump out. Silverman appears completely unfazed by the two disembodied arms around her shoulder, but Rae seems to sense the hand creeping up her back. Meanwhile, McKinnon’s leg sticks out from her body at an angle that should only be possible for Elastigirl. All told, there are 15 limbs in this photo.

See if you can spot all of the “errors.”

This year’s GQ comedy issue cover appears to mock actual Photoshop fails, including the cover of the 2018 Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio, in which Reese Witherspoon appeared to have sprouted an extra leg.

The humor was not lost on the people of Twitter.


Never before have bad photo edits looked so good. This year’s GQ comedy issue has already made the Photoshop fail into an art form, and we can’t wait to laugh more when the issue hits newsstands.

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