Whoa, McDonald’s just launched a “gourmet” new burger

This ain’t your mother’s McDonald’s burger.

The Golden Arches announced Tuesday that they’re coming out with a new, higher-end ground chicken burger – complete with some fancier accoutrements (either a tangy “signature” sauce or ranch) and a “gourmet” potato bun.

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, this Mickey D’s burger has 400 calories and is made from both white and dark chicken meat. Sounds like right now this will be a Tampa-specific offering, but we’re sure if it’s a big success there that branching out will occur.

Consider this sandwich the latest push for the struggling fast food giant to gain attention (and, you know, monies) of millennials who have proven to be more health-conscious or at least, more selective with where they spend their dollars.

Need proof? Look at the meteoric rise of casual eateries like Shake Shack and Chipotle (both perceived to be healthier fast food options), and compare that to Mickey D’s slumping sales.

In addition to the new chicken burger, McDonald’s announced earlier this year that it will also take steps to use only cage-free eggs within the next decade. They will also start offering all-day breakfast (yes!) on Oct. 6.

Other fast food brands like Pizza Hut are using other millennial-approved ingredients like Sriracha-flavored crusts to try to lure in buyers. Good news? Our generation is on everyone’s minds. Bad news? Old standbys are still figuring out just how to get our foodie attention.

This is not a drill: McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu launches next month!

McDonald’s has a really exciting announcement about their breakfast menu

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