“Gotham” got its opening credit sequence remixed to look like “Friends” and it’s awesome

In totally random, but awesome news, Gotham got the Friends treatment and it’s something you never knew you needed.

So we know that no one told you life was going to be this way (insert clapping sound here), but they also didn’t tell us that Gotham and Friends could work as a mashup.

Thanks to Vimeo user, Giuls Sholfer, we can now see what it would be like for the Gotham baddies to have a catchy and upbeat theme song and it’s pretty brilliant.

The cast of characters on Gotham are gritty, insane and total criminals, which doesn’t exactly scream Friends to us, but somehow seeing a video montage set to Friends’ opening song works seamlessly. In fact, we kind of wish we could see the roles reversed with the Central Perk crew in Gotham City. That would be wild!


The video begins with the typical Friends style letters spelling out “Gotham” before seeing a blow torch and then a group of Gotham City’s finest around a table. It’s not Monica’s apartment, but it’ll do.

We then see glimpse of the series set to that awesome song by The Rembrandts including, Jim Gordon being hardcore, Bruce Wayne laughing with Alfred and the Joker being crazy, because he is crazy.

The song is true too, because Jim’s life does seem to be stuck in second gear and it really hasn’t been Penguin’s day, week, month, or year. Ed Nygma’s love life is totally D.O.A. now that he’s lost another girlfriend as well.

Now all we need to know is which character is which? Could Chandler be Nygma because he likes to tell riddles, which are kind of like jokes? What about Jim as Ross? He’s serious and has a good job. Harvey could be Joey, because he’s lovable, but always just being Harvey.

As for the ladies, maybe Selina as Phoebe, because of her love of cats and free spirit. Lee would definitely be Monica, the most successful and clean one. Lastly, Rachel could be Barbara, minus the fact that she’s looney.

What do you think of Gotham getting the Friends treatment?

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