These goth waffle cones have an ingredient we’d never expect

For all you goths out there, a sweet treat has finally been invented just for you. Not only does it look different, this goth waffle cone has an ingredient we’d never expect, Are you ready to find out the spooky element to this dark desert?

This small downtown Los Angeles spot serves delicious soft serve ice cream, and its flavors are blowing our minds. Little Damage prides itself on having some weird creations, but this waffle cone takes the cake. Pun totally intended.

According to Los Angeles magazine, the little shop has a lot of different and interesting flavors to choose from. Mango sticky rice, beet, and an especially cool one called unicorn tears can be yours for the tasting. But all eyes are obviously on the goth waffle cones. If want to feel like you’re back in your emo phase during high school, Little Damage has you covered.

You’ll never guess the secret ingredient.

So what gives these goth waffle cones their signature color?

It’s activated charcoal.

Not only does it give an amazingly spooky color payoff, it also has some pretty bomb health benefits.

The gothic creation is actually almond charcoal flavored. And there is no shortage of toppings you can add on to create your signature treat. Everything from sprinkles all the way to caramel popcorn can end up on your cone. Nothing sums it up better than the following Instagram post from a customer.

The shop is open from 12:00 PM all the way to 11:00 PM, meaning you can treat that sweet-tooth into the night. There are no limits to your creation. If you want to pack in many different flavors onto the goth waffle cone, you can!

The sky is the limit…

No seriously. The sky is the limit. So get yours ASAP.