There is now goth pizza because ice cream just wasn’t enough

It’s come to this: goth pizza. We can deny it no longer. We hope you are ready to see goth food all over the place.

We’ve totally fallen for goth ice-cream made with a super dark cone and gorgeous deep gray swirls, but now there’s something new. And good news: it’s something you already love.

That’s right. Goth. Pizza.

So how do you make pizza black? Spoiler alert: activated charcoal!

At Olivella in New Jersey, the “pizza master” Salvatore Olivella has started adding the ingredient to everything. His dough, pasta, and mozzarella, of course, have all gone dark! Also, the trend is now going worldwide. According to Refinery29, chefs in Italy are starting to add charcoal to their dough as well!

But as far as we know, Olivella is the first to add it to cheese.

*Drool emoji.*

Though there are other ways to make pizza black — squid ink pizza is a thing — the use of activated charcoal is important.

As it turns out, activated charcoal is popping up in more and more of our favorite foods because ~health~.

While research on it remains sketchy, some believe activated charcoal can help purify the digestive system. The medical world does use the stuff occasionally in a not-so-pleasant way: According to an article in Time, it’s often given to people who have been poisoned to help absorb the toxic element. Obviously, though, things like goth pizza or goth ice cream have charcoal in fairly minimal quantities.

So, we’re not suggesting you chug activated charcoal in lieu of medical treatment in an emergency, but baking it into your goth pizza? Well, why not?

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