From goth garnets to mermaid opals, here are 25 non-traditional engagement rings that won’t break the bank

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. If you are your partner are worrying about shelling out for an engagement ring before diving into the wallet-draining thing that is wedding planning, we’ve got some news for you: You don’t have to spend a bundle on a ring!

You can still have a beautiful, meaningful, special piece of jewelry without shelling out $20k. Better yet, you’re more likely to have something totally offbeat and original if you opt for this route. So whether you’re trying to save some cash, aren’t that into diamonds, or simply want to stand out among the crowd, these unusual, affordable rings have your name written all over them. They are all stunning, unusual, fairly priced, and totally modern. No massive diamonds here — just a whole bunch of gorgeous statement pieces for the modern-day bride.

From affordable black garnets to more high-end pink sapphires, here are 25 non-diamond engagement rings that will make any bride-to-be feel unique.

1 Dioptase Ring, $49.99

2Green Amethyst and White Topaz Split Shank Cocktail Ring, $62.99+

3Black Garnet Baguette Ring, $85

4 Birthstone Halo Ring, $120-125

5 White Gold Blue Topaz Leaf Ring, $122.50

6 Natural Opal Statement Ring, $124.99

7 Blue Dragon Ring, $125

8Moonstone Ring, $135

9 Pearl Cocktail Ring, $155 

10 Amethyst Marquise Ring, $210

11 Pave Heart Ring, $275

12 Pink Tourmaline Ring, $359+ 


13 Gold and Sterling Silver Luna Ring with Cultured Freshwater Pearl, $395 

14 Rosette Gemstone Ring, $420 

15 Jaipur Lapis Ring, $505 

16 Rose Gold Morganite Ring, $700 

17 Blue Sapphire Ring, $985 

18 Tapered Shank Cushion Cut Morganite Ring, $1,129 

19 Colored Sapphire Band with Princess Cuts, $1,245 


20 Amethyst Willow Ring, $1,600 

21 Magic Opal Ring, $1,800 

22 Aquamarine Solitaire Ring, $1,880 

23 Yellow Sapphire Band, $1,980 

24Wandering Opal Star Ring, $1,260 

25Black Diamond Aura Ring, $2,050 


Are you inspired to get a non-diamond engagement ring?

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