This ‘GoT’ cast member just dropped the spoiler of all spoilers

On Game of Thrones, the dead are usually dead and gone forever. But it sounds like there are some changes on the horizon for season 6. At this point, we’ve basically all agreed that come hell or high water full of blue-eyed zombies, Jon Snow is coming back. Right? Well, we just read a spoiler that indicates Snow might not be the only person coming back from the dead.

In an interview, British actor Ian McShane, revealed a few things about the character he’s playing on season 6 whose identity has not yet been revealed. The first thing we learned about McShane’s character: He only appears for one episode. And the second? That he raises the dead . . . in a manner of speaking.

“I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that,” McShane said.

What could that mean? Vanity Fair breaks down a fan theory that McShane will be playing a character who is a hybrid of Septon Meribald, a character from A Feast for Crows, and the Elder Brother. The Elder Brother, in the book, is associated with the return of the Hound, who was killed in season 4 of the show. He’s a man Brienne encounters while on the Quiet Isle searching for Sansa, who claims to have buried the Hound himself. But a man fitting the Hound’s description is standing right there, digging graves. Even if he returns for a quiet cameo, wouldn’t that be pretty great?

And it’s possible, as the actor who plays the Hound, Rory McCann, has been spotted near the Season 6 set. There’s just no such thing as a coincidence, is there?

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