This theory about the GoT Season 8 teaser could reveal so much about the upcoming season

Warning: Season 7 spoilers ahead.

On Thursday, December 6th, HBO released the first teaser for the final season of Game of Thrones, and despite containing no actual footage from the upcoming season—not even a single shot of Drogon—it has us very concerned. With no Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen in sight, the 40-second teaser merely features a war room map. But this is no ordinary map. The clip shows fire and ice spreading rapidly across the board, covering everything in its wake—including small icons representing each of the Westeros houses. A true song of ice and fire, if you will.

The teaser is already sparking fan theories based on the way the fire and ice engulf the Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister icons. Specifically, a new Reddit theory, as reported by Mashable, notes that the direwolf and dragon icons are each covered in ice, while the lion becomes engulfed in flames. This could point to the specific danger each of the houses face. As Jon and Dany prepare for war against the White Walkers, ice is certainly their biggest threat. Meanwhile, despite pledging to help with the war against the White Walkers, Cersei revealed she has every intention of double-crossing Dany and Jon the second she gets a chance…putting her at risk for dragon fire.

The teaser could also potentially foreshadow major losses ahead, including the Starks losing Winterfell (again!) to the White Walkers and Dany losing another dragon. It also hints at Dany coming face-to-face with her late dragon Viserion, who is now an undead ice dragon.

Unfortunately, without any actual footage from the upcoming season, it’s impossible to know for sure. We’ll just have to not-so-patiently wait until April to find out.

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