We tried the app that lets you hire a professional photoshop artist for 99 cents

Earlier this week we found out about a seemingly perfect new photo-editing app called GoSexy Lite that photoshops your photos by an expert for a cool $.99 per photo. Immediately we were like, “WE WANNA GoSEXY” and “be lite” (whatever that means).

The app, like most amateur photoshopping apps, allows you to blur your facial features to beyond recognition, add makeup, and contort your features, but the thing about this app that sets it apart is that the work is done by a pro.

The app also lets you tell the pro exactly what you want done to your photo. For each photo we requested the standard beauty and make-up edits plus a special request like, “get rid of blemishes” or “make me look like a pageant queen.”  We sent over several photos of our staff with our requests and the results were…well, you’ll see.

Request:  “Give me Hollywood GLAM.”


“I was really hoping for some Real Housewives-type of plastic surgery like some photoshopped fillers and Lisa Rinna lips. Looks like they just gave me pageant makeup! I look like a contestant from Toddlers and Tiaras which is quite fine by me.” – Marie.

Request: “Give us a bronzed summer glow.”


“At first I wanted to see if they could edit a photo with multiple people which they did, but neither of us look summery or bronze! We look like TV vampires!” – Madison.

Request: “I want to see what I would look like with pastel blue hair.”


“Oh my gosh, they actually did it — though there is blue spill over to my forehead so I don’t think anyone who sees the retouched photo would actually believe that my hair is blue. While I realize my request required a little bit more technical skill, that’s what I’d be willing to pay one whole dollar for!” – Quyen.

Request: “Can you contour my face?”


“Awww, I look like I’m in a baby angel unicorn dream sequence! To be honest, I don’t like how blurred everything is (including my hair), but I do appreciate that I still look like myself.” – Christina.

Request: “Can you whiten my teeth and switch up my lip color?”


“It looks like all they did was lighten up the photo, which I could have done myself, on my phone, while at the gym, so I’m not all that impressed. It looks like my teeth have been whitened a little bit, and maybe my face is a little thinner? These are all easy things to retouch yourself, so while I feel like I did not get my .99 cents worth, maybe this retouch only IS worth .99 cents?” – Rachel.

Request: “Can you put my eyes back?”


**Editor Note: The app literally could not complete this request. Then again, this WAS a weird request.**

“I feel rejected and feel like they should have responded to their customer request to not have lips for eyes.” – Leo.