Close reading that leaked ‘Game of Thrones’ script page

Note to self: don’t ever accidentally post a script page from Game of Thrones to Instagram. That’s what French actor Elie Haddad did after he was cast in an unknown role for the upcoming season. I totally get and understand that he was so excited to share the news, he didn’t realize the image he was adding a filter to contained some minor Game of Thrones spoilers. Turn back now if you don’t want to know anything about what’s coming up, because we’re about to get real about this leak.

Game of Thrones is currently shooting in locations around the world. Since nothing about the new season is certain at present, it’s speculated that some of the action will take place in a Dothraki camp, which makes sense since the end of Season 5 had our girl Daenerys seemingly surrounded by them. Haddad has supposedly been cast to play a Dothraki, and from his accidental script leak, that looks to be true.

In an Instagram post from last week — which has since been deleted, but things on the Internet live on forever, you know — Haddad shared an image of his iPad with a full script page from an episode of Game of Thrones. The text on the page is hard to make out, but if you zoom and enhance enough it appears as if two Dothraki are talking about a Khaleesi, who we know to be Dany, and they use some colorful lewd language to discuss her.

Ugh, the only leaked page of Game of Thrones is full of stuff that you don’t even want to talk about out loud with your friends and parents.

Ignoring the language, it’s clear that the Dothraki have taken Dany with them, and are holding her, but how? Are they holding her hostage? Are the Dothraki about to ransom her off to Tyrion? Do they even know they’ve got the Mother of Dragons with them, and that she left her dragon behind? We won’t know answers to those questions until Season 6 picks back up next year. So let the speculation begin.

In the meantime, check out the leaked script page below, if you dare. Also let me know if you can make out any other words on this page. This is important GoT business.

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