HBO accidentally leaked last night’s “Game of Thrones” episode, and they’re not happy about it

Poor HBO Game of Thrones team. You guys tried SO HARD to keep this season under wraps. It must be a tough job. Hackers, superfans, other cyber threats that I am naïve to because I can barely work my own laptop — lots of stress. And I want you to know that, despite the fact that GoT episodes are being leaked, I really do believe you’re doing you’re best.

I mean, banning preview screeners from being sent to members of the press? Holding only one screening worldwide prior to the Season 6 premiere? Sending out physical letters threatening pirates with legal action should they refuse to remove torrents? That’s pretty hard-nosed stuff, and the first episode still leaked. And now, on the top of that, the saddest episode of the season (aka, “The Door”) was available online a full 24 hours before air (note: I was being a good sister and attending my brother’s college graduation this week so I have not finished Episode 5 so please shut up right now shut up don’t give me any more details other than “sad”)?

Ugh. UGH. But, like, honestly, that Episode 5 leak was kiiiiind of on you guys.


Er, you HBO Nordic guys. I want to be as specific in my blame as possible.

According to Torrent Freak, HBO Nordic accidentally posted the GoT episode “The Door” online yesterday, almost a full 24 hours before it was set to air in the U.S. false

Almost immediately, copies began appearing on various torrent sites, including an apparently pretty high quality one that, from what I understand, is still circulating. Because obviously. I know you can get in trouble for posting torrents of an unreleased episode, but, like, what if that unreleased episode was in fact leaked by its own production company?