Hey There Upper East Siders, How Well Do You Know Gossip Girl?

Test your knowledge on the messy lives of Manhattan's elite.

Attention Gossip Girl fans, have you heard the news? There’s a new lot of Upper East Siders’ in town. Fourteen years after the original Gossip Girl aired, the highly anticipated Gen Z-takeover reboot has premiered (with the first episode now available to watch on HBO Max). Following in the footsteps of a show that was once critically acclaimed as “every parent’s nightmare,” “mind-blowingly inappropriate,” and a “nasty piece of work,” the reboot is bound to be provocative, scandalous, and messy as hell. If we’re lucky, we might even get plotlines that simply don’t add up but are fun to watch nonetheless.

No matter how excited we are about the GG reboot, however, our hearts will always belong to Serena, Blair, and all the shenanigans of the OG cast. So, before we welcome the new generation of upper-class private school teens into our lives, we’re taking a walk down memory lane. Think you’ve earned your spot as a true Gossip Girl fan? Prove it. Take this quiz to test your knowledge on all the happenings of Manhattan’s elite. Best of luck, XOXO, yet another Gossip Girl impersonator on the internet.

This quiz has now ended.