Zuzanna Szadkowski loved scheming as Dorota on “Gossip Girl,” almost as much as we loved watching her covert missions

Blair Waldorf’s maid Dorota went on so many covert missions for the teen queen on Gossip Girl, she might as well have been Blair’s first mate in scheming.

There’s plenty to love about their relationship. Like how Dorota was a sort of maternal figure to Blair, who’s fashion designer mother, Eleanor Waldorf, was often away on business. But the antics the pair would get into — be it spying or setting people up, for better or worse — were especially amusing to watch.

As it turns out, Zuzanna Szadkowski loved bringing those antics to the screen as Dorota as much as we loved watching all the troublemaking play out.


And that love of sneaking around on behalf of her employer helped Szadkowski shape her character, who did not appear in the books, early on.

"What I found right away was that, there was this powerhouse character of Blair, who was kind of alone in the world when it came to her home life," Szadkowski told HelloGiggles. "I felt, right away, there was opportunity to be like a cheerleader and a supporter for her. I think that informs immediately the fact that Dorota was gonna be Blair's number one fan."

“That, then, extends into the possibility that there’s gonna be a comedic character because all of these antics that Blair would get into, especially with her dating Chuck. I had an opportunity to be super nosy, like over-the-top enthusiastic about all of this little gossip and goings on,” Szadkowski continued. “The romantic life of teenagers and stuff. The more I saw that, the more I was able to…develop a character that was funny and silly.”

She added,  “I always think that what made Dorota work was that she was 100% enthusiastic about every single thing she did.”

We couldn’t agree more, and those scheming scenes involving Dorota and Blair were some of our favorites.

The same goes for Szadkowski.

“My favorite stuff was when I was all covert operations, when I got to have my sunglasses and my trench coat and do spy work for Blair,” she said. “Those were the scenes that were the funniest, especially in the beginning.”

Well, we certainly feel a rewatch coming on, with special attention to be paid to Dorota and Blair’s sneaking around. Because, what better way to celebrate Gossip Girl‘s 10th — YES, 10TH! — anniversary of its premiere.

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