A gorilla is obsessed with this guy’s phone pics, and it’s too adorable

YouTube user and gorilla enthusiast (probably) Paul Ross recently uploaded a video that has our entire hearts. Ross captured the most touching 1 minute and 28 seconds —the interaction between a man and a beautiful gorilla named Jelani.

As reported by BuzzFeed, the video depicts the man showing Jelani a few different pictures of other gorillas. Just like we can’t get enough of looking at other people’s selfies, Jelani is clearly very interested in checking out the other gorillas. Though Jelani is maybe a bit standoffish in the beginning of the interaction, he clearly becomes more comfortable with his new human friend and the piece of technology that unites them. The cutest part of the video comes when Jelani leans against the glass, shoulder-to-shoulder with the man.

Jelani is a gorilla based out of the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky. According to his profile on their website, Jelani “is a laid-back individual and likes to look at cellphone photos and videos.” Well, we’d say so! Jelani was born in 1997, so just like most 18-year-olds, cell phones are an important part of his day.

It is nice to be reminded that in the big, scary world, we are able to connect to not only other individuals, but other animals, as well. Gorillas —they’re just like us!

Jelani, you’ve made our day.

(Video and image via YouTube)

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