This gorilla meme is going viral, and we can’t stop laughing

It’s Monday, which means we’ll take absolutely anything we can get to help steel us for the week. And this week’s treat comes in the form of this viral “Ted Talk” gorilla meme that’s taking over the internet. What’s so special about said meme, you ask?

Only that this gorilla from the Los Angeles Zoo literally looks like he’s conducting an important lecture.

So much so, that — after the zoo tweeted the moment — it spread out among the special people of the interwebs like wildfire, inspiring meme upon meme of hilarious content.

Here was the initial tweet:

And here was the (amazing) fallout: false false


And this is just the tip of the iceberg — Twitter is jam-packed with even more super funny memes of this furry dude.

For some context, this all started when the L.A. Zoo posted the pic in order to help promote their Roaring Nights Summer Music Series. Little did they know it would start an online sensation (because, let’s be real — who can predict the precarious whims of the internet?).

All we can say is that we’re profoundly grateful to have woken up to this. Happy Monday!

H/T Uproxx