These gorgeous watermelon pizzas are so yummy we might not even miss the carbs

One of our favorite food trends to arise in 2016 was the absolute takeover of watermelon pizzas. They’re seriously SO BEAUTIFUL. And these ones put an amazing twist on the healthy food alternative by adding even more good-for-ya fruits and toppings, because what’s better than something super sweet, super pretty, and super yummy? Nothing, as far as we’re concerned!

We’re pretty sure you’re gonna dig these watermelon pizzas as much as we do. They’re so creative and we love the unexpected combos these foodies of Instagram came up with. Just maybe make sure your friends know it’s watermelon and not like, actual pizza, before they dig in. No need to lose your squad over fruit-caused heartbreak.

The best watermelon pizzas are the ones topped with ALL THE FRUITS, and we’re digging this one covered in blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The more berries, the better!

Also, the more colorful, the better. You know how they say your plate should be colorful AF? Well, this watermelon pizza is practically a rainbow. We love those sneaky peach slices!

You can even cut up your fruits into adorable shapes to make this party-ready. Now that’s a healthy appetizer, or a dessert.

Chocolate lovers, don’t worry, because watermelon pizzas can become your jam, too. Look at all that chocolate drizzle? Yuuuuum.

All the nomz for these delicious creations!