That gorgeous song from ‘Mockingjay’ is now a huge hit

Jennifer Lawrence might need to make some room in her trophy case . . . for a Grammy! Okay, maybe we’re jumping the gun with that one, but J-Law is seeing some serious (and dare we say, unexpected) success in the music world.

Aside from her two Golden Globes and Academy Award, J-Law can now include “chart topping single” to her list of accomplishments. Her song “The Hanging Tree,” which she sings as Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, has officially made its appearance on international music charts.

According to Us Magazine, “Lawrence currently holds the No. 12 spot on ARIA Australian Top 50 Singles Chart and the No. 14 spot on the Official U.K. Singles Chart”. This puts her in the running with big-time musicians like Taylor Swift, Megan Trainor, One Direction, Sam Smith and Mockingjay curator, Lorde. The song is also No. 3 right now on iTunes.

It only seems to get better from there. According to the Huffington Post, Lawrence’s song “is predicted to break the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, most likely raking in somewhere around 150,000 downloads”. Pshhhhhh. That’s all you got, Lawrence?

In spite of the song’s success, you won’t see J-Law rushing to any recording studios anytime soon (sorry, folks). Lawrence has made her dislike for singing known on multiple occasions, likening her voice to the sound of “a deer that has been caught in a fence.” If you think that’s just charming self-deprecation, think again. Hunger Games director, Francis Lawrence, even said she cried (a little) the day she had to sing on camera. We non-singers feel for your, Jennifer!

And for the record (puns!), you don’t sound like a deer, Jen. Although, we’re not entirely sure what deers sound like anyway. Honestly though, “Hanging Tree” has a Mazzy Star/Lana Del Rey feel to it. It’s really quite beautiful and cinematic. The song was written by Hunger Games writer Suzanne Collins as well as Lumineers band members Jeremiah Fraites and Wesley Schultz. Big thanks guys.

Give the song a listen for yourself:

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