These gorgeous floral tattoos will turn your body into a garden in the best way

No matter what the season, we find ourselves constantly craving some lovely ~floral vibes~ to add some extra oomph into our worlds. And what does that better than a floral tattoo? We love the way that tattoos allow us to put our own spin on our little universe, so we were *thrilled* to learn about these floral tattoos, because who doesn’t want to turn their body into a garden?

About the artist

Tattoo artist Kerry Burke is the owner of Heart of Gold Body Arts, one of the most beloved shops in North Carolina. Based in Hendersonville, Burke brings incredible blackwork tattoos to life with their unique designs and clean and beautiful lines. We are *huge* fans.

Here are some of our fave floral tattoos

1. This thigh piece

So killer.

2. This floral bunch

Truly beautiful.

3. This massive side piece

Impressive AF.

4. This nature-filled beauty

The more nature, the better.

5. This wedding bouquet

Just, like, AW.

6. This gorgeous dogwood

We *adore* this.

7. This blossom

Soft and beautiful.

8. This shoulder cap

So lovely.

9. This pretty combo

Such a stunning duo.

10. This empowering piece

Hell yes.

11. This stunning bouquet

We’d rock this.

12. This bird and flowers

Super sweet.

13. This floral sleeve

Yes, yes, yes.

14. This iris

Gorgeous as hell.

15. This gorgeous grass

So unique.

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