Look how gorgeous Disney Princesses are with curves

It’s a tale as old as time: Every time a new Disney Princess design or redesign comes out, we all ask ourselves the question, “Okay, but… how does she look like that?” It’s not a manner of that she’s too skinny, but that even the skinniest people in the world couldn’t do, well, anything with those proportions. We all know that skinniness alone has absolutely nothing to do with fitness or health or beauty, so what’s the deal, Disney?

While this criticism is mostly centered on the company’s animated characters, it’s crossed over into their live action adaptations as well; Cinderella star Lily James had to defend her corseted costuming from Photoshop claims, insisting that the dress and her silhouette in it were crucial to keeping with the fantasy feel of the film.

But, would Disney Princesses who shop in the plus-size section really be less, well, fantastic? Huffington Post UK decided to illustrate the differences, and no surprises: Everyone from Ariel to Elsa retains their royal look, despite having fuller features. In fact, many fans commented that the princesses look even better after their latest makeovers.

You can check out the rest of the set here.

This isn’t the first time curious illustrators have imagined the Disney Princesses with more full-figured bodies. We’ve seen them with fuller waistlines

realistic hairstyles

…and historically accurate makeovers.

It’s not a matter of whether or not these women are more “real” than their original counterparts, but about presenting a multitude of images, especially when they’re presenting messages of self-love, empowerment, and aspiration. No one goes into the world looking exactly like anyone else (even identical twins!), yet Disney continues to create and promote leading ladies who fit the same general model. No matter how you slice it, Disney’s diversification does not yet extend to its female protagonist body types; these Photoshop challenges target different things, but they all seek the reality that exists within the fantasy, and to remind girls everywhere that hey, you’re a princess no matter what.

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