This gorgeous color might just be the new millennial pink

According to some trendcasters, we might finally have a replacement for millennial pink. Not that we need one, of course, it’s a lovely color. But it’s sort of getting played out. On the New York Fashion Week runways last week, some eagle-eyed watchers noticed a color that might just be the new millennial pink, taking over our Instagram timelines and our closets: lilac (and its softer cousin, lavender).

We are so. into. this.

Of course, no one knows exactly what will replace millennial pink as THE color to wear or buy for your house, but if lilac catches on, we won’t be mad. It’s just as pretty as millennial pink, and we’re already brainstorming some killer complementary colors that could be matched with it.

At New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, and Ulla Johnson all showed flowy lilac dresses on the runways, so come spring 2018, expect to be seeing this hue everywhere you shop.

But! It’s always hard to predict the next new color trend.

Millennial pink won’t just poof and vanish into thin air — it will take some time for people to really commit to lilac or lavender in their Instagram feeds. And some trendcasters think that there might be other colors coming for the throne.

Like, at the very same time a writer over at Glamour was suggesting that NYFW was ushering in shades of purple, editors at W were suggesting that hot pink might be the next big thing. Off the runways, they spotted Rihanna and Gigi Hadid rocking hot pink tracksuits and sweaters, respectively.

What do you think about this?


Or this?


Kind of loving how it looks with green, too.




Although the lavender was all over the runways, we do have to hand it to Rihanna and Gigi for rocking the bolder cousin of millennial pink out on the streets.

Can you fight with Rihanna?


Or Gigi?


It’s hard to decide whether we should be on #TeamHotPink or #TeamLilac, right? What about a compromise, like this streetstyle look?


We’ll just have to wait and see what catches on.