The internet is swimming in gorgeous artwork for #MerMay and blowing our mermaid-loving minds

Calling all mermaid lovers! Animator Tom Bancroft started the #MerMay challenge, where illustrators create and tag a mermaid every day in May. The drawings are gorgeous and feature new visions of Rogue One character K-2SO, Moana, Catwoman and her catfish , and a million original fishy ladies we’re crushing on.

The challenge got going when Tom Bancroft created his own original character, Lani the mermaid. Moreover, the artist decided to write a story about her called, “The Mermaid that Wanted to Fly.” Every day, he’s been publishing a little more of her story and her illustrations on Instagram, and now tons of amazing artists have joined in.

We picked out a few of our favorite #MerMay illustrations so far below!

A celestial mermaid.

This beautiful stylized mermaid by artist Vicki Tsai is both starry and sea-y, and that feels so magical!

 An Audrey mermaid.

Adorable Audrey a as a mermaid has us freaking out! We’re doing dolphin flips over Brazilian artist Raiane Silva’s #MerMay contributions.

Creepy mermaids welcome!

This cute skeleton illustration by illustrator and graphic artist Danielle Eden is weird and experimental! We love it!

Purple underwater goddess..

Love the experimental tail and style of this one! Even cooler, it’s done by 17-year-old artist Pastel Pasty, and you can buy it!

Of course mermaid’s have mommy’s!

A sweet image of two mermaids. The artist, Jordan Caderao, dedicated it to Mother’s Day! Do not miss her gorgeous portfolio!

Seriously, you’ll find tons of deep sea treasure under the #MerMay tag. You’ll find mermaids in a thousand different styles and interpretations, and get some new amazing artists to follow and support.

Mermaid tail high five!!