These gorgeous aerial photos of Earth from space hardly look real

I’ve always said that whenever routine manned space trips become available to the general public at a cost that is considerably south of a bazillion dollars, I’m on the first thing smoking up out of Earth’s stratosphere. Although science has yet to allow humans to travel to the depths of space, we’ve had the privilege of seeing photos from outer space and they have yet to disappoint.

Take for instance, this breathtaking view of the Great Lakes from outer space. Seriously, eff your mountainside house that overlooks the beautiful blue ocean waves and palm trees because they clearly don’t compare. For a few more #viewsfromspace that have me ready to sign up for that purported colony on Mars, look no further than these extraordinary aerial photos of Earth from space.


Fresh off a 500-day space expedition, astronaut Jeff Williams snapped stunning pics of everything from a bustling New York harbor to the Ahmar Mountain range in Ethiopia, showcasing Earth’s awesome landscape in all its wondrous glory.

The Bahamas from high above:


The Rockies look like a snow-capped puzzle pieces:


A view of Namibian sand dunes from space:


Mount St. Helens

Also, here are some pretty sweet photos Williams shared on his Facebook page.

This photo of a glacier in Pakistan is surreal:

South Africa from high above:

The ultimate cloud formation:

Because sunsets from outer space are the absolute best:

*books ticket to Bolivia*

For more jaw-dropping pics of Williams’ space journey, visit Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth.