Here’s the secret to perfect scrambled eggs

Everyone who’s ever watched MasterChef (or Hell’s Kitchen, or Hotel Hell, or Kitchen Nightmares) knows, Gordon Ramsay is a tough customer when it comes to food. That’s why when Gordon Ramsay raves about a recipe, we’re like, “Oh, okay, well, if YOU like it, we’re going to be OBSESSED with it.”

So when we heard from FoodBeast that Gordon Ramsay told Reddit how to make basically the best breakfast in the world in his AMA we were like, “It doesn’t even matter what time it is or how hungry we are, everyone head to the kitchen, we’re making eggs!”

When asked how he liked his eggs in the AMA, Ramsay replied, “Very good question. I have to say, scrambled. Over a slice of sourdough bread that has been grilled, and then sort of doused with Worcestershire sauce.”

This is probably the most British thing Ramsay has ever said, and real talk, the man has said a LOT of very British things. Still, we are most intrigued, and definitely picking up some Worcestershire sauce on our way home from work tonight.

The question of course becomes HOW Ramsay makes those perfect scrambled eggs. And as it turns out, the answer has been hiding in plain sight on the internet for years.

“Now scrambled eggs, I did a video a few years back with my youngest, Tilly, showing how to make scrambled eggs, and I think it has 10-11 million hits?” Ramsay continued. “And the nice thing about scrambled eggs is that they don’t have to just be breakfast—you can have them in the evening, with some nice mushrooms, some tomatoes. You can have them as a snack at midnight, or at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.”

It’s actually more like 14 million at this point, and you guys, 14 million YouTubers probably aren’t wrong.

Check out the magical video below, then go forth, and make those eggs right!