Gordon Ramsay bashed Halloween candy faves on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ and it was predictably brutal

Ordinarily, crappy restaurant owners and reality TV chefs are the main targets of Gordon Ramsay’s wrath, but the cutthroat culinary expert saved up a rant for the record books directed at — wait for it — Halloween candy. During a Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment called The Five Worst Halloween Treats, Ramsay went HAM on some of the best Halloween candies, and his takedown was predictably brutal.

Hearing Ramsay say all this awful stuff about the second best thing about Halloween (costumes will always be first, duh) is a bit difficult, but it’s no coincidence that our worst Halloween candy list includes two treats with which the chef also has a huge grievance: Smarties and pennies.


After declaring, “Smarties are for f*cking dummies,” Ramsay made it clear that he won’t be partaking in any National Candy Corn Day celebrations as his rude AF candy corn slander was probably the worst we’ve heard. He referred to it as “ear wax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth,” (psh, whatevs), then he went in on apples and pennies before ceremoniously storming off the set.


Gee thanks, Gordon. It’s a good thing we already know what to do with all of the bags of leftover Halloween candy we’re guaranteed to have this year.