Gordon Ramsay tried Girl Scout cookies for the first time, gave official chef’s opinion

Americans may stand fiercely behind their Girl Scout cookies, but blunt Brit Gordon Ramsay has a very different opinion.

The Hell’s Kitchen star tried his very first Tagalongs, Samoas and Thin Mints on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night and unsurprisingly, the opinionated chef was wildly underwhelmed by the cookies, which he says are “small” and look like “dog biscuits.”

Jimmy cautions Gordon that he’s entering “sacred territory,” and that the hierarchy of beloved American icons goes something like the “American flag, Willie Nelson and Girl Scout cookies.”

Even with that warning, Gordon goes in pretty hard on the peanut buttery, coconut-y, minty delights. Gordon calls Samoas “weird” and denounces Jimmy’s favorite, Thin Mints. And we can totally relate to Jimmy’s tried-and-true method of freezing ’em and knocking back a whole sleeve at a time.

The Kitchen Nightmares star may have culinary chops, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to give up our Girl Scout cookies anytime soon!

Check out the video below for one chef’s opinion on Thin Mints: