Gordon Ramsay finally weighed in on the pineapple pizza debate

You’ve probably heard about the pineapple pizza debate by now. While some of us love the fruity topping, others think it has no place on a pizza pie. It makes sense that Chef Gordon Ramsay would comment on pineapple pizza, since as someone who knows food, his word is probably stronger than most. (Also, Ramsay isn’t afraid to tell us how he feels about anything, so we know he’d get real with it.)

While people have had feelings on the matter for awhile, the debate is said to have started up for real after something pretty hysterical happened. The president of Iceland, Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson, outed himself as a total pineapple pizza hater when he joked that pineapple pizza should be banned.

While we trust Johannesson’s opinion, we’re really curious to hear about what Ramsay’s take on everything is. Expect to hear an F-bomb. (We mean, you probably expected one anyway.)

Ramsay was asked to host The Nightly Show this past Tuesday, and during a segment where he went to order pizza for his studio audience, the question arose. His quote was short yet simple.

"You don’t put f—ing pineapple on pizza," he said with disgust.

So, there you have it. While the pineapple lovers of the world will likely take offense, it’s good to know that Ramsay weighed in. It seems like Ramsay is fond of pepperoni, so if he ever spontaneously shows up at your pizza party, you know what’ll make him happy.

Just make sure to hide any evidence of fruit, unless you want to get yelled at.