Gordon Ramsay chatted about his “New Girl” experience a bit more in this fun video extra

It’s almost time for one of the most epic episodes of the season — Gordon Ramsay will be on New Girl tomorrow, and it’s such a fun pairing that we absolutely can’t wait. The famous chef will be playing himself, and from the looks of it, he’ll be cooking Valentine’s Day dinner for our ultimate favorite character Jessica Day.

It looks like Jess will be eating that dinner alone, comforted only by a few berating words from Ramsay in the episode titled “Operation: Bobcat.”

But hey — if you were to celebrate by yourself this year, eating a dinner created by a guy whose restaurants have earned 16 Michelin stars is probably better than, you know, a Hot Pocket. (Not like we’re judging. We’ve all been there.)

FOX posted a video of our favorite chef discussing his episode, and we must admit, it’s sounding better and better.


"It's genius casting, really, because when you think of warm and fuzzy, hearts and hugs, who better comes to mind?" Ramsay jokes.

Even though we’ve seen enough Hell’s Kitchen to know he’s got quite the temper, we also know that he’s truly a sweetheart on the inside. And hey, maybe he’ll be just the person to give Jess the love advice that she desperately needs.

Speaking of comfort and compassion, Ramsay just started up the fifth season of MasterChef Junior, a show that further proves that he’s really just a goofy dad with a tough exterior.

The first episode aired on February 9th, and further episodes will be airing on Thursday nights, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch up.

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