This is the incredible reason why #goPINKandBLUE is invading Facebook

You might have see a few friends change their profile photos to support #goPINKandBLUE. You might have a small idea what this cause is all about (pink and blue usually signals that a baby is involved) — but you may not understand how important the cause truly is.

The purpose behind #goPINKandBLUE is to talk about both pregnancy and infant loss — a topic that used to be quite hush-hush, but needs to become a little more prominent. While a sad topic, definitely, miscarriages are much more common than you might think. After a pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor, a whopping 10-25% of them don’t survive the duration.

From these miscarriages, 50-75% percent of them will be labeled as chemical pregnancies, which means that something goes wrong right after implantation. Losses like this are absolutely devastating — and for women who go through pregnancy and infant loss multiple times, many often feel a little broken, or damaged, even though it’s something completely out of their control.


The official time to observe Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is October 15th, although the full month of October is usually set aside to both remember the children who have been lost, and raise awareness on the topic itself. Since miscarriages are so common, it’s a shame that they don’t totally get recognized in public. In fact, women feel the need to hide a pregnancy until the second trimester, when the risk is lowered (as, most — but not all — miscarriages take place before week 13.)

Stillbirth is another subject that Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day sheds light on. Today in America, 1 in 160 pregnancies end this way. Those statistics are just tragic.


Beyond changing your Facebook photo, there are plenty of ways to commemorate the day. For one, you can light a candle in memory of a child who didn’t survive past birth. The annual candle-lighting ceremony, which allows individuals to grieve together,  is actually called “Wave of Light” and it’s quite a beautiful way to honor those we love.

You can also sign up for a Walk To Remember event, which helps create bonds between people who truly need and appreciate the support.

Make sure to honor #goPINKandBLUE, and make sure the children we have lost definitely get the recognition they deserve.

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