Goop’s Valentine’s Day jewelry suggestion will be the BUTT of a lot of jokes

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The holiday that we all seem to have a very complicated relationship with. Single or taken, we could all use a bit of levity this year, and Goop has an idea of how.

Gwyneth Paltrow and team certainly know how to keep it quirky by suggesting a butt necklace as a Valentine’s gift.

Yes, you read that right. A butt necklace.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s also an accompanying boob necklace! The gold plated pieces are made by designer Anissa Kermiche. And they don’t come particularly cheap – the butt retails for $370, while the boobs are $507. Free the (ruby) nipples!

It turns out the butt necklace – titled “Le Derrière Dorée,” which in French stands quite literally for “the gold behind” – is selling like hotcakes since Goop posted it. As of right now, there is only one left in stock.

But don’t fret, Goop shared a total of four gift guides to help you find the perfect item – one for men, women, couples, and “solo yolo.”

The latter includes keychains emblazoned with sayings like “Consciously Uncoupled,” the phrase Paltrow used when describing her divorce from Coldplay lead singer, Chris Martin. Or, if you’d prefer, there’s an $85 bag of “magically-charged stones.”

Goop has a reputation for sharing particularly interesting lifestyle recommendations.

First, they shared the vagina stone, a jade egg inserted to supposedly improve sexual health and vitality. Then, the site recommended swapping traditional lube for coconut oil. And we can’t forget its several exorbitantly priced suggestions, like $150 toothpaste and a $15,000 gold vibrator. (Though you can save on the stainless steel model – only $7,900!) And, of course, there’s also the strict Goop diet and beauty routines that many of us have tried to emulate to varying degrees of success.

So, sure, the Goop lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But regardless, we’re still loving these fun necklaces.

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