Goop published a guide to fast food restaurants, because Gwyneth knows the secrets of our hearts

Even though we aren’t really supposed to love fast food chains…we wholeheartedly DO (sorry, not sorry). And it’s our lucky day, because Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop published a guide to eating fast food, including handy menu hacks and suggestions for chains that lean more on the healthy side!

You know, like you can order steamed veggies from Panda Express, or organic vegan chickpea puffs from Starbucks (true story). Then there are the various salads from Wendys, Chipotle, and Subway, and the guide suggests asking for oil and vinegar as a dressing — instead of the standard sugary ones. Did we mention this was handy?

So you’re probably wondering if McDonalds is on the list…it IS — in the “Tricky, but doable” section. Lol.

Though there’s no mention of juicy Big Macs or Quarter Pounders. What they do mention sounds kinda good though: “A lettuce-wrapped grilled chicken burger, topped with the pico guacamole dressing, no cheese.” They suggest “a side of apple slices” to round it out.

via giphyNow here’s the other pressing matter: Dunkin’ Donuts IS on the list, though of course…Goop suggests not ordering donuts. Instead: “Oatmeal, plus an egg white patty omelet, with diced red and green bell pepper, mushrooms, and green onions, topped with white cheddar, and served on a toasted multigrain flatbread.” Again, sounds pretty good.

While it might be hard to pass up biscuits from KFC, a Sundae from Arby’s, and fries from McDonalds, and even more crazy-sounding to request no cheese on a Dominos pizza, this list is helpful for those times when we’re trying to choose the healthiest options possible…while everyone else in our friend group is demanding a fast food run.

And of course, sometimes you just gotta treat yo’self.

Thanks, Goop. You’ve given us lots of food for thought. You can read the whole guide here.