Someone turned “The Goonies” into a horror movie, we’re never sleeping again

As if we didn’t have enough movies to scare us senseless this month, now we have to worry about reliable classics being recut to look like the scariest thing we’ve ever seenThe Goonies is a fun, lighthearted movie we’ve all probably seen a time or twelve that follows two brothers who embark on a treasure hunt in an attempt to prevent their house from being foreclosed on.

But Mashable felt like we didn’t have enough anxiety in our lives, or something, because they cut a new trailer for the movie using footage from it that is totally fine in the movie, but in their trailer… YIKES.


Who asked for this? Seriously, who? We understand that there are people in the world who genuinely enjoy being scared by horror films (we think you’re crazy and you should stay away from us), but… WHY.


In addition to being horrifying AF, this trailer shows what a huge difference editing makes. Writers, directors, actors, and even producers spend a lot of time in the limelight and are generally credited with the vast majority of the creative input when it comes to filmmaking, and while it’s not untrue, editors also have a seriously heavy hand in making the media that we love.

Not to get in too deep into the semantics of it all, but the meaning of a scene can completely change depending on what shot comes before and after it. It’s a little thing called the Kuleshov Effect, named after Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov. It’s basically just that — the idea that viewers derive meaning more from the juxtaposition of shots as opposed to an individual shot on its own.

For a bite-sized, crash course taught by, y’know, just some guy named Alfred, check out the video below!

Now, onto more important things — like who at Mashable we can invoice for a lifetime supply of nightlights?

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