Google watches are getting fashion-ified

It’s about time!

Smartwatches have been a thing for a few years now, but look at any of them – notably, Google’s and Apple’s – and you’ll notice that no matter the crazy amounts of things they can do (like measure your heart rate or alert you of the nearest gelato shop,) the interface is just, well, boring-looking. Don’t get us wrong, we L-O-V-E the Mickey Mouse on the Apple watch, but he doesn’t always make for the chicest accessory.

But no longer! Designers, Cynthia Rowley, Lisa Salzer (of Lulu Frost), and Marlon Taylor-Wiles (of George Frost) have just teamed up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Google Android to create watch faces with a sartorial spin.

Rowley’s designs, much like her ultra-feminine clothes, are flirty and floral. “It was fun to create imagery that is mutable within the watch face,” she told CFDA.

Meanwhile, Salzer catered hers towards her Lulu Frostlook.  “The background colors of the Lulu Frost watch face change with the time of day, from sunrise to dusk to evening,” she said. “Customers wear their CODE fine jewelry daily and I wanted to translate that idea with these designs – jewelry you can wear 24 hours a day.”

Salzer also teamed up with Marlon Taylor-Wiles and the design team at George Frost for a more camouflage line. “We wanted to use things like camouflage and invisible numbers throughout the designs. Morse code spells out the days of the week and the hidden digits reveal themselves as the watch moves on the wrist,” Taylor-Wiles told CFDA.

We love the idea that fashion and function can merge, and that more big-name designers are hopping on board to the very buzzy wearable tech world.

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The watch faces can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store