Google Sheep View is just as adorable as it sounds

For people who are prone to getting lost, Google Maps tends to make life a whole lot easier. It gives traffic estimates, alternative routes, and estimated arrival times — perfect for anyone with a bad sense of direction. The web mapping service even gives you a Street View option so you can see your final destination at eye-level (as if step-by-step instructions weren’t helpful enough). But for those of us who just want a little more from our favorite GPS, one Tumblr is delivering in the best possible way.

Google Sheep View is exactly what it sounds like: A collection of Google Street View snapshots that just happen to have sheep in them. The project was started by photographers Ding Ren and Mike Karabinos because, according to their site, they “enjoy the ‘sheep view’ when riding trains in the Netherlands.” (They also added that 2015 is the year of the sheep, which made it feel extra appropriate.)

“We started the project in early May,” Ren told Mashable. “Now, if you want to trace back how long we’ve been taking trains and admiring the sheep view, well that goes back years and years.”

In their interview with Mashable, the two said that they use “process of elimination” to find the sheep, and mostly search through rural areas in Ireland, the U.K., and New Zealand. Both are big fans of the game GeoGuessr (where you guess a location based on a Google Street View snapshot), so finding the sheep is part of the fun.

Basically, the site is an international round-up of adorable (baaa-dorable?). There’s even an outtakes section, which is just as amazing. (There are a lot of goats and hay.) Fellow sheep/Google Maps enthusiasts are encouraged to submit their own finds to the site, as well — so it’s more or less a giant sheep collective.

Check out a couple of our favorite shots below, and head over to Google Sheep View for more updates.

This dog and this sheep are playing tag

Someone found this lost sheep in a Christmas sweater

(Images via Google Sheep View and Shutterstock)