Google may have just created artificial intelligence for real because the future is here

If you think you’re computer doesn’t know you better than anybody in your life, then you’re very, very wrong.

In fact, Google and it’s new search engine software, RankBrain, is learning to guess what you’re thinking and your search game will never be the same.


This type of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common and is just kind of the way it’s going to be with new technology from now on. TechCrunch breaks it down for us, saying that RankBrain is really ANI – artificial narrow intelligence, which is like, “AI for one particular thing (e.g. beating the world champion in chess).

Last year, Google announced their new search software, RankBrain, that according to Bloomberg News, “Can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly, making it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries.”

This means that even if you type something into the search bar that has never been typed before, or if it’s too complicated for the algorithm to understand, it can GUESS what you mean and return some stuff that you MIGHT find helpful.

While it may sound a little too Ex Machina for comfort, it’s actually a pretty cool development.

Experts are going nuts over this new technology because, “It continues the pattern of Google getting better at identifying the intent behind search queries and serving up content that satisfies that intent rather than just the content that best matches the searcher’s precise keywords.”

If all this sounds a little too complex to process, that’s because it sort of is. Essentially, it’s just about patterns – assessing your needs and returning what it THINKS you might like. Which all sounds pretty amazing and we can’t wait to try the technology ourselves.