Google’s newest site proves they really DO know everything about you

It’s no secret that Google is keeping tabs on us. After all, we use Google for everything: emails, YouTube, sharing documents — is it any surprise that they know us, or at least “internet” us? (For the book lovers out there — the circle is closing.)

Well, Google has decided to prove just how well they know us: Today, they launched a new tool called My Activity that provides some insight on just how deep their knowledge of our internet habits goes. As The Android Police explains, My Activity shows users their “various web, Google product (including all Android and Android apps), and search activities” in a user-friendly timeline. Google products include your Google Map and YouTube activity.

I’ll be honest: Some of the information on My Activity you don’t want to know. For example, I am a little disturbed by how often I search for “cute cat dresses” and “puppy videos.” (I also am apparently very concerned about the health benefits of oatmeal.) Eeeek. Along with rolling out My Activity, Google unveiled today their new personalized ad settings, as well. So if you thought those ads were eerily prescient before, just you wait. Google knows all.

For those of you who value your privacy, do not disconnect all your devices just yet: Google still needs to ask you to “opt in” to My Activity, and you can opt out. Learn more here.

Regardless, now I’m having all sorts of nightmares where my life will become that of Sandra Bullock in The Net, without the fun pizza-ordering service.