Um, looks like Google Maps will throw major shade if you ask it “Are we there yet?”

It seems like Google Maps is giving Siri a run for her money when it comes to answering annoying questions. Specifically, everyone’s least favorite question, “Are we there yet?” If you ask the GPS service this infamous question too many times, it fires back with some major sass. Take a look:

Android user Cody Toombs, of Android Police, discovered this cheeky trick. As you can see in the video, he goes into navigation mode and, using the microphone feature, asks his question not once, not twice, but four times until the robot finally cracks, whipping out a classic mom line: “If you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream.” No ice cream? That’s a pretty serious threat.

Someone put some detailed thought into this! Not only does the voice get sassy, but it gets progressively more annoyed before snapping. After the first time the question is asked, the robot gives you a pretty generic response, letting you know exactly how much time is left on your trip. Then it’s just “no…no…” You can practically feel her face getting redder.

If Siri gets mad when you ask her to divide by zero, and Google Maps gets snippy if you get impatient, what other gems is our technology hiding? Is my laptop going to start insulting me if I stay up too late watching Seinfeld? For now, let’s just play with what we know. In order to mimic this hilarious Easter egg, you’ll need a smartphone, Google Maps v9.12 and a little perseverance. Or, just call over your little brother.

(Image FOX)

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