What happens when you ask Google Maps where the best make-out point is

Does your town have a make-out spot? Somewhere the kids go to park (and pet and other old-timey verbiage)? A secluded overlook point where humans kiss other humans while looking over the city in which they live and all its bright lights? If you don’t know, try asking Google Maps and see what happens. No really, we’ll wait.

The Daily Dot gave it a try and to their utter dismay found that Google Maps sent them to the nearest Chuck E. Cheese. Not the most romantic place in the world, TBH.

However, when I tried out Google Maps, I got a more understandable answer. Could Google Maps be giving out selective make-out location advice? Google Maps, we want ANSWERS.

Siri is known for her sassy sense of humor, but who knew Google had jokes too?

It seems that many who searched got a variety of bizarre suggestions. Google maps suggested an Edible Arrangements (hmm, what?), a Red Roof Inn (oof) and a Baptist church camp (AHH) all came up.

Is Google trolling us? At any rate, now we know for sure that a rise up of the robots with artificial intelligence isn’t a thing we’ve got to worry about anytime soon.

(Images via Twitter, author)