Google Maps is now crowdsourcing info on whether the place you’re going is wheelchair-friendly or not

It’s unfair that the world still isn’t properly built for disabled members of the community to easily get around. For those in wheelchairs, it can be really hard to simply find out if a certain location is accessible. But get this: Google Maps now lets users add wheelchair accessibility details. That means that people will be able to add to the “Your Contributions” tab to fill in information that’s missing.

Google Maps started accommodating people who use wheelchairs a few months back. This latest update is inviting users to crowdsource wheelchair accessible information to speed up the process.

This will give everyone a much better idea of whether a place is accessible on wheels. The specific accessibility features it includes (elevator access, restrooms, seating, parking, etc) will be listed in the “Know what features this place has?” section.

Thanks, Google Maps!

This was a necessary update that we happily welcome.

"By sharing your local knowledge, you're helping us get even closer to enabling everyone, everywhere to easily discover  the places that best suit your individual needs," Shiva Thiagarajan and Rio Akasaka wrote in the Google Maps press release.

This new addition to their data makes so much sense. If everyone pitches in and shares what they know, not only will it be easier for those in wheelchairs to physically get around and visit the places they want and need to visit, but they will feel more supported by the wider community.

It’s crazy how we sometimes take for granted the ease of walking around on foot.

The reality for so many is strikingly different, and something we should seek to keep in mind.

Being in a wheelchair is one of the normal differences that exist in people, and every place should be accessible on wheels. This a positive step in a very important conversation.