From makeup sales to hands-free shopping, Google Home is here to assist you with all of your beauty needs

If there is one aspect of the internet we can all get behind, it’s the power and convenience of Google. With just the click of a button we can find answers to even the most bizarre beauty-related questions, and now your Google Home virtual assistant can help your beauty routine in a variety of ways.

The next time you’re in a hurry and find yourself running short on beauty supplies, you can unload your woes onto your Google Home virtual assistant, and it will give you suggestions of household items that can be used as beauty products.

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For example, if you run out of dry shampoo, your Google Home may recommend baby powder or corn starch as a temporary alternative.

These useful rapid-fire beauty tips will be extra helpful on those days we sleep through three alarm clocks.

Another way the Google Home can assist in your daily beauty routine is by finding great sales on beauty products while also updating you on locations and sales dates.

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Your *personal* Google Home assistant can also store a running wish list for you. Also, once your mailing address and payment information are entered into the app, you can shop hands-free, and even ask the assistant for recommendations based on your taste.

If you don’t already have it, you can purchase Google Home here.

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