Google Glass: Mark Zuckerberg is Excited, Are We?

Google Glass? What’s Google Glass? In case you live under a rock, or aren’t super tech savvy (I’m not), Google Glass is pretty much a pair of funky glasses that are part-mobile device, part-camera, all parts wave of the future. Google Glass is a new media device that will be able to take photos, stream, record, show reminders and pretty much make us think we’re the Jetsons.

Is Google Glass something we should be excited about or a fad that will peter out once the buzz wears off? Mark Zuckerberg seems pretty excited about Google’s newest product, which is a pretty big deal considering Facebook and Google don’t have the friendliest of relationships. Google has been talking about developing this platform for some time now; Google Glass was introduced last April and the product could be available later this year.

Since the patent was released in early February, people have been eagerly anticipating just exactly what the product will hold in store. Mark Zuckerberg was lucky enough to try on a pair owned by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and was able to check out some of the functions for himself. He’s probably already working on some Facebook apps for the device, too.

Google Glass will also include an automatic picture taking function that will take random pictures of the world you’re seeing at intervals throughout the day. Which might be pretty boring if you’re wearing them at work. Can you imagine how much more insufferable Instagram pictures could actually get? It’s a terrifying thought….

There are also rumors already swirling about a competitor being drawn up at Apple. In fact, a company from my hometown of Rochester, NY is said to be a competitor as well. Vuzix already sells a variety of products including augmented-reality glasses that house a camera and display in the lenses. They also have a product called Smart Glasses that contains an earpiece, microphone, motion sensors, camera, GPS and can run an Android mobile system. Pretty cool, if you ask me (gotta have some hometown pride)!!!!

There are some who worry that Google Glass will be bad for our eye health. Eye specialists have listed concerns including neck strain, headaches and migraines, as well as increased eye-strain and irritability. There’s also the fact that Google Glass is pretty much a computer on your face. The glass may also alter how we perceive the world around us, because it’s more of a screen than glass, like seeing glasses are. But, much of the product’s design and function is still too speculative to be certain.

We’ll have to wait and see what all the fuss is about a little while longer, but while we do its fun to speculate just what Google Glass might be able to do. How many things is it going to change in our daily routines? Will it change the way we interact with the world and each other? Will it change the way we watch TV, sports, movies?

One thing’s for sure, Google Glass will definitely change the world. But, I’m still waiting for my flying car or housecleaning robot.

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