Have you fallen down the Google Feud rabbit hole yet? Cuz we have

Are you ready to meet the newest and most addictive Internet game? Step right up and say hello to Google Feud. It’s like Family Feud, but you can play it in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t need any relatives for it, and Steve Harvey isn’t involved. Fair warning: You might lose hours of your life trying to win this game. What they don’t show you on TV is that this is hard.

The gist of TV Family Feud is that 100 people are polled, and then you have to correctly guess what those 100 people were thinking. Once again, so much harder than it sounds. But now, instead of going up against 100 people, you’re going up against the Google search bar. You have to complete sentences that are commonly typed into Google, like, “I accidentally ate . . . ” What does Google autocomplete that with? If you guessed mold, gluten, a stink bug, plastic, the whole thing, an apple seed, moldy food, glass, bread mold OR Styrofoam, then you’d win the round. If not it’s onto the next category.

Let’s try a round. How do you think Google autocompletes “can dogs learn to . . .”

Answers on the next page, so do your thinking now.

Here are your answers:

Did you win?

This whole game is based off of the fact that when you start typing a search into Google, it wants to autocorrect it for you — kinda like how your iPhone always wants you to type “what the duck?”

Anyway, say goodbye to whatever free time you have, because this is your new obsession. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Screenshots via here.