The Google Doodle for Valentine’s Day lets you play with maybe the cutest animal in existence

If there’s one place we can count on to spice things up for each and every holiday, it’s Google. Google always brings it with its Google Doodles; whether its honoring an incredible person in history or an interactive game, Google is on it.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Google has released its holiday Google Doodle…today!

And the Doodle isn’t just adorable, it was created for a really great cause.

Instead of just a simple image, the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle is an interactive, 4D game featuring pangolins. Google chose the pangolin to bring awareness to the fact that the pangolin is the most poached/trafficked mammal in the world. 

Here’s some background info on the little guys:

Pangolins are known as “scaly anteaters” because of their tough, overlapping scales. They eat ants and termites using their super long, sticky tongues. When they feel threatened, they roll into a tight ball. So basically they’re freaking adorable.

They mostly live in tropical and flooded forests, thick brush, cleared and cultivated areas, and savannah grassland throughout Asia and Africa, according to the Save Pangolins organization.

But more about the fun, interactive game…

"The story centers around two pangolins, separated by distance, who have been sending love letters to one another and decide to meet face-to-face for the first time on Valentine’s Day," according to Google.

"It’s the Pangolin’s only chance to make a good impressions, so it travels around the world, seeking to learn the skills needed for the perfect date."


So. Sweet. AND FUN!

Google is partnering with the World Wildlife Fund for this particular Doodle. A link in the game will take you directly to the page where you can donate to help save the lives of pangolins. 

The doodle will run through February 14th on mobile web and the Google Search app for Android and iOS.

If you’ll excuse us now, we need to go help a pangolin get it together for Valentine’s Day.

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