Everyone, beware: There is an intense Google scam going around the internet right now

Usually it’s pretty easy to tell when a friend’s email has been hacked and is sending you spam, or a virus. Unfortunately, the new Google Docs phishing scam that has been making the rounds isn’t as easy to spot as others.

This isn’t the first time this kind of hack has happened, but still, it’s easy to fall victim to. Today, tons of people have been hacked — you’ve likely received at least one of these emails yourself, tbh — including many companies that use gmail for their email servers. Companies like BuzzFeed, Hearst, New York Magazine, Vice, and Gizmodo have all reported being affected by this hack.

Here’s the skinny: If you get a seemingly legit invite to view a Google Doc file, DON’T CLICK IT.

The fake Google Doc link will take you to a login screen that looks identical the normal login screen. This hack isn’t as transparent as most, which is the problem. Usually fake login pages are pretty easy to spot, but users are reporting that this isn’t your mother’s hack.

The most obvious tell of these fake emails is that they’re addressed to “hhhhhhhhhh.” So, like, unless that’s your name — delete these emails immediately.

It seems like the intent is to hijack your email accounts and the information one might find within, rather than to spread a virus, so the upside is that you don’t necessarily have to worry about something worming its way into your computer. On the down side, obviously we all have with lots of personal information buried in our emails — employment papers, tax forms, school loan emails, credit card statements. All of these things you don’t even think about are jam-packed with personal info.

So delete any requests for Google Docs today, folks. And make sure to change your email passwords regularly.