There was a ‘Goofy Movie’ reunion (with Powerline performance) this weekend and OH THE NOSTALGIA

Stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention, because this is the most important thing that will happen all week, maybe even month, maybe YEAR. At the D23 Expo in California Friday night, there was A Goofy Movie reunion. The whole cast from the 1995 Disney animated movie showed up to swap stories about what it was like to make one of the best Disney movies ever (admit it, it’s one of the best Disney movies ever). If that’s not enough to send you into a downward nostalgic spiral, there was also a Powerline performance.

Yes. THE Powerline performed at the reunion.

Before that happened, though, there was another song to sing. Bill Farmer, who’s voiced Goofy for almost 30 years, was joined on stage by Jason Marsden, who played Max in the movie. Even though Marsden voiced Max, he didn’t do the singing voice for him (that part went to Aaron Lohr, who played Dean Portman in the Mighty Ducks 2 & 3). So what better time than the present to sing Goofy and Max’s duet, “On the Open Road?” The two launched into the father-song sing-a-long, which is just warming our hearts in all the right ways.

And then, the Powerline performance. Because how can you have A Goofy Movie reunion WITHOUT a Powerline performance? The whole plot of A Goofy Movie revolves around Max trying to get himself to the Powerline concert!

Tevin Campbell, who is the voice and swagger behind Powerline, surprised the audience with “Eye to Eye” (or “I 2 I” if you really want to get technical here). Not only did he sing, but he was joined on stage by backup dancers wearing the same outfit Powerline’s backup dancers wear in the movie. AND THEN, there were even more backup dancers wearing shirts with Powerline’s iconic yellow color and logo on them.


There are three other videos, of the performance, too. Because you’ll want to watch this from every audience angle possible. Because it’s not like an IRL Powerline concert happens every summer.

So remember, everyone, if you’re ever lonely, stop. You don’t have to be. Because you can always watch A Goofy Movie again. Maybe some day we’ll get a live performance of “Stand Out.” Or maybe someday ALL our dreams will really come true, and we’ll get a live-action Goofy Movie remake. Just a really awesome idea that you should think about, Disney!

(Image via Disney.)